The Tragic Death of Whitney Houston Secrets Exposed

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Alex Jones Exposes The Royal Wedding

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The royal wedding is so sick. These people have illegally controlled most of mankind, and we are still slaves to the same royal bankers that their people are. These people make me sick. So many slaves and mind control victims are following the wedding like hawks, and for what? Distraction.

Lindsey Williams Says NWO to Take Out Yemen Next

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Lindsay William has said from his sources that the globalists will now go after Yemen to add to the crisis in the middle east. Oil is going up to $500 a barrel soon. We could all be in a lot of trouble. Gas will not decline in price until after the New World Order has completed. The gas prices at this point are only poised to go up. You have a long time before you are going to see that.

Charlie Sheen Appears On The Alex Jones Show

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Charlie Sheen appears on the Alex Jones Radio Show, and makes a lot of sense with a lot of the subjects they talk about. Sometimes though, it seems we lose Charlie Sheen through his ramblings about his handlers. Is Charlie Sheen sincere? Does he really plan to do war with the whole of the New World Order? Be careful what you say Charlie, everyone is watching. Good luck to you Charlie Sheen.

Alex Jones Rants About Michael Moore

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Michael Moore is sided with the globalists. He makes money off of Haliburton and Defense contractors. He does his films in areas where he can get around unions. He also believes in the official story of 9/11. This guy is a scum sucker. He thinks he is gaining the approval of the American people when in all actuallity people can really see that he is a hypocrite. He is manipulating union people to further his globalist agenda. This is truly sickening. People believe that Michael Moore speaks the truth, when every word that comes out of his mouth, is planned to move the masses towards his agenda. Michael Moore is a fat pig, that needs to get a real job, and stop manipulating people for his own means.

The Masters of Terror Exposed

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This video shows that throughout history the world has been tricked and manipulated, so that people in power can take away our freedoms and liberties. The proof is everywhere on the Internet. Alex Jones isn’t talking about a single incident. He is talking about all the incidents that have occurred in our history that have been fabricated to force us to vote for specific people, or to take away our rights. We must take a stand against this treason committed by politicians of our past and present. Please watch this film. It is 2 hours long, and it should answer most of your questions about our history, that isn’t talked about in our history books.

Ben Livingston And Real Weather Control Weapons


Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist that worked on weather control. Not only did he work on weather control projects, but he also created a way to manipulate the clouds to make it rain during the Vietnam war. Many people thought people were crazy for a number of years about weather control especially during Vietnam. For a long time it has been laughed off as just a conspiracy theory, and was even mentioned in movies as being ridiculous. Now Alex Jones has uncovered the truth. Don’t think the Navy manipulates the weather? Think again. Here is more proof, from the whistle blower Ben Livingston.

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