I can understand if people were releasing government secrets or something, but this guy is talking about people getting a license to post on the internet? Is he serious? Has this guy heard of Tumblr or Stumbleupon? What about Facebook? People will always try to say what they want, if you try to regulate that, then you are anti-American. I love Alex Jone’s response. He goes crazy on that old bag. Thank god I have the freedom to say that at least, well, as I post this anyway. You can censor the Internet, but there has to be a justified reason, and explanation for taking down a page.  Not just because “you don’t like what we say” stop crying. FAIL! Public value test? Get real, their are still websites of guys showing their junk if you say your 18, oh but the news websites might be reporting wrong so we might have to take them down. The ones with the guy’s junk are fine, this guy is probably showing his junk….Haha. Cats out of the bag, Nosferatu!