I don’t think the government tries to make terrorists look like they are a fantasy problem. I believe terrorists are something that we do have to fear as Americans. We have to find a middle ground here. What is happening though is VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response), and this is kind of scary. I’m sure there are real terrorists out there, but not everyone wants to be spied on. One thing though, that the government should not do at all is take away our Free Speech. That is all we have as individuals. Realize how important that is. Since the beginning. Great debate was fired by free speech at our nation’s infancy. Lets not take away our voice, because that may be our nation’s end. If the stuff about X-Box Kinect is true, that it can identify everyone in your room at all times, the government is blatantly violating our privacy on a daily basis. I know this can be done as a programmer, and I am really scared about that. Not to mention it could definitely record every single thing you say.