There are still people that deny that the Illuminati exists. It doesn’t matter what you call the elite secret group that runs our planet. The fact is they are there, and they will always be. It doesn’t change the fact that your very lives are now at risk more than ever. Forget what you love, forget what you know, you must do what you are told or pay the consequences. There is no other option. Our governments take away our rights and liberties based on terrorism scare tactics, and falsifying attacks possibly through the CIA. Is this what you want? It doesn’t matter what you want. We haven’t had a true election in a long time. Naked body scanners will become the norm in many locations and circumstances. There is no hiding from the coming global government. Even religion is becoming globalized through the oaths of freemasonry. Your opinion doesn’t matter, it hasn’t for a long time. This is a sad time for all of the citizens of this planet. Are we going to burn in hell for the crimes committed by our governments and our world leaders? I pray for us all.