Alex Jones Predicts the Future on RT

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Alex Jones predicts what is now happening in Egypt and Libya. This is how time and time again Alex Jones has foreseen future events through his information sources, and still no one believes what he is saying, and dismiss him as crazy. The more people that do that, the more we the people must stand up and explain to them the real deal. Some people are so plugged in to main stream news, that they are mindless walking, eating, and sleeping zombies. This is why Alex Jones does what he does, to wake people up. Informing the public on the information that the globalists and world elite, would rather the average citizen not know.


Alex Jones as the Joker

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Many people have seen this series of Alex Jones with a painted face and they use it to call Alex Jones crazy. You want to know what crazy is? Crazy is all of the facts that Alex Jones brings to light, and how many people that ignore him anyway. That is what’s really crazy. Everyone is quick to judge Alex Jones trying to be viral and get the word out on these monster globalist sociopaths. Wake up and get a real idea on whats going on. Don’t be quick to judge, god forbid you are judged for the things you do. I am sure the people that make fun of Alex Jones for doing this, have no grounds to do so. How many people have they woken up? Alex Jones is responsible for the greatest awakening in the United States since the 1900s. Its time to wake up, before it is too late.

Alex Jones Proves Department of Homeland Security Campaign is a Fraud

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Alex Jones calls the numbers on the fliers of the Department of Homeland Security’s “hear something and say something” campaign. He never gets a live person from these numbers, and he is redirected to the local police. He keeps getting a big run-around. He never gets to speak with anyone to report REAL terror threats. Why is this happening? Why would they spend so much money on a campaign where you can’t really report real terrorists? Thats because real terrorists aren’t the real threat. Does anyone have any answers to these questions? I doubt it. Great job Alex Jones.

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