Is there a revolution coming to America? David Icke thinks so. His theory is not far off either. Mind manipulation is going on around the world. The turmoil in Egypt is going to drive up the price of oil and really hurt our economy. The globalists can sense that a revolution is brewing and they are not happy about it. Will we have martial law on the streets? Will our guns be taken away as a form of protection from ourselves? Will we be enslaved by rulers much like people were in the old world? If there is a global disaster, it will be like hitting the reset button on our modern society. It is admitted that Google is a NSA software to spy on all citizens. Google is a scientific crystal ball that can predict the future. It has the data of all the human minds that are plugged into it. All searches are logged, they know what your looking for, and they know what you are watching. They study humanity and how we operate on every level. Then they laugh off conspiracy facts, as irrelevant theories through main stream media. David Icke has been right on with most of his predictions in all of his books. This new world order agenda is coming to a close, one way or another. We live in very scary times right now. Will we have order out of chaos? The globalists are making the middle east fall as a domino effect. The oil crisis is going to cause a crisis of every type throughout every society in all of the world. The people should not be under a dictatorship, what happened to for the people by the people? It no longer exists, and it hasn’t for a long time.