Obama has recently starting allowing this carbon tax garbage be enforced by coal power plants that are way more clean than nuclear power plants. Why would he do this? Because Obama has given a waiver to General Electric (GE) so that these carbon taxes don’t affect them and they can have coal power plants wherever they want including Mexico and other third world countries. This is creating a monopoly that General Electric is on top of. They are destroying their competition with the Carbon Tax and the out right lie of “global warming” Its ironic that they are doing this, when all of America has had a huge deep freeze. This is so asinine. The American people need to wake up and take control of their government and make it truly for the people, by the people. Obama is much like a dictator, and he is taking us all for a ride, under a fake almost Broadway like song and dance of “democracy” democracy is dead in America. They are cutting off our power, and there is nothing you can do about it, unless you pay the outrages fees because of “global warming”. The private central banks are running the show. Obama is just a puppet of their same type of dictatorship, much like Mubarak in Egypt. Oh but we have to take Mubarak out because, hes an evil dictator. I say the central world banks, and the globalists are the real evil dictators. Mubarak is just another pawn, doing what he is told. Now they want to replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood? Does anyone see whats going on here? The Muslim brotherhood hates Israel. This could be the beginning of nuclear World War 3. Prepare yourselves. The future does not look bright.