Super Bowl day is so sick. We have an economic crisis, power plants are being shut down from coast to coast, over fear of global warming, and General Electric has been given a waiver from the carbon taxes. The American people are storming Costco, and buying flat screen televisions for the big game. Do you think they are investing in gold and silver? I don’t think so…It is no longer “We The People”, it is “We the Sheeple” What does the White House have to say about Alex Jones and Matt Drudge reporting on the power plants and GE? Well according to Alex Jones’ FaceBook they have an advertisement that says “Don’t believe everything you read.” This is an obvious truth about reading ANYTHING on the Internet. Why would the White House feel its important to make liars out of Alex Jones’ website and Matt Drudge of Drudge Report? Well thats because they may be on to something, and they are simply not happy by being reported on in such a way. Alex Jones and Matt Drudge have put themselves in the front line of tyranny. I think its good that the White House is finally acknowledging Alex Jones’ questions, and maybe they can do an interview on his radio show? Don’t hold your breathe. A White House Representative would never be willing to answer any questions, they just want people to submit and accept their main stream news. In the past Alex Jones has been arrested by protesting in front of these people. They don’t care, and now they are acting like hes a bold face liar, without even responding to questions that could possibly be asked. This is a low blow by the White House, and if they want to mention Alex Jones, or Matt Drudge, lets have an interview please. I would love to hear what the Department of Homeland Security has to say. Alex Jones isn’t attacking you, you just have no answers for us.