Just problems with the weather aren’t are only concern. The pole shift could cause tsunamis and rising water all over the world. Along with earthquakes high on the Richter scale, and massive volcanic eruptions. What are the globalists saying about this? Oh its because of global warming and climate change. The Earth’s axis has nothing to do with global warming folks. They just want those companies creating coal power plants, to pay an extra carbon tax, which in the end will make serious bucks for the central bankers. This gets more and more crazy. NASA has also confirmed this pole shift. Could the bird deaths all around the world be related to this pole shift? Some birds have just simply chosen not to migrate. Is the pole shift throwing off the natural radar of these birds so that they don’t know where to go? Maybe this has something also to do with the new zodiac sign that was introduced because we now have a new grouping of stars that we see during a specific time of the year. They have named this new zodiac sign Ophiuchus. Strange things have been happening all over the world, and this seems like it answers a lot of questions.