Many people have heard the Alex Jones Radio Show. Charlie Sheen has recently come on the Alex Jones Show talking about his handlers. The television network is furious with Charlie Sheen because he has an open mind and he is willing to speak against the people in power. Alex Jones goes on ‘The View’ and quickly defends Charlie Sheen. All of the girls on The View are quick to ask Alex if he thinks Charlie is still on drugs. This is ridiculous. They just wanted to further demonize Charlie. When Alex Jones would not add to their criticisms, they keep asking the same question in different ways. Then as soon as Alex Jones starts talking about TSA putting their hands down peoples pants, and Building 7 of the 9/11 attack, they tell Alex that they wanted him on air so that he could talk about Charlie Sheen, not any of the real issues. This is further proof that the media not only knows about Alex Jones, but their is an agenda to keep him shut up. Alex Jones is for liberty, not tyranny. Whoopi Goldberg is such a hypocrite. Stick with Charlie? Everyone has problems Whoopi, get over it. There is something more sinister going on here, that you can bet.